Unicorn Writers’ Conference is uniquely designed to arm visionary writers with the practical know-how they need to get their manuscripts through or around  the gatekeepers of the publishing world. Today, between multinational media corporations and global entertainment conglomerates, getting a publisher’s attention takes more than a great idea and a flair for the written word. Whether you like it or not, publishers view your manuscript as much as a business proposition as a work of art. The Conference will offer dozens of workshops involving the inside world of book publishing from the perspectives of various departments within a publishing company— Contracts, Copyrights, Permissions, Legal, Subsidiary Rights, Foreign Rights, Audio, Electronic, Special Sales and Premium Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Publicity, Sales, Royalties, Art and Design, Production, as well as Editorial workshops focusing on key genres: Fiction, Nonfiction, Memoir, Children’s Books, Mystery Writing, Screenwriting, and more. Plus, we’ll have renowned agents, publishers, and editors at the event.


In addition to holding workshops on the publishing essentials of writing and editing, Unicorn Writers’ Conference will bring together industry insiders to offer rare tutorials on what publishers really care about — including how to market a book, generate publicity, select artwork, write a great query letter, improve your writing, and negotiate a book deal. Not only will you make industry connections with established editors and get one-on-one feedback from published writers of fiction, nonfiction, screenplay, mystery, and children’s books, you will also meet leading publicists, marketers, and executives who will tell you exactly what they expect before they buy a manuscript. Leading filmmakers and bloggers will give tutorials on how to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and social media services like YouTube videos, blogs, and podcasts. The evening concludes with a fabulous networking party and dinner.


The next conference will be held from 7:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. on March 9, 2013, at Saint Clements Castle in Portland, CT. For more information on our speakers and workshops, and how to register, please see the menu to the left. See you there!

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